The asset management company

Crédit Mutuel Impact manages the FIPs (Local Investment Funds) and FCPIs (Innovation-focused Mutual Funds) of Groupe Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale.

Created in 1998, It was approved by the AMF (French Financial Markets Regulator) with the number GP98-50.

The funds

FIPs invest primarily in regional small- and medium-sized companies (less than 250 employees and with a revenue below €50 million), and FCPIs invest in innovative companies creating products, processes, or technologies considered as innovative by Oséo.

These funds target experienced customers, looking for tax-exemption products or diversification products leading to private equity investment, and who do not need immediate liquidity (share buybacks are blocked for the entire lifespan of the funds, except in cases of force majeure). Subscribers must be informed of the associated risks, since these funds offer no guarantee regarding profitability or return on capital.

Annual and semi-annual fund reports are available in your CIC or Crédit Mutuel online banking account, or can be requested free of charge from the management company at any time (via the "contact us" tab).

For more details, see the regulations of the funds: