Our vision

The challenges of the energy, demographic and digital transitions inheritantly generate investment requirements within our territories. It is imperative to act fast to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, as transofrmations will take time to produce their effects.

In order to meet these requirements, we have chosen to invest in projects that will achieve positive, tangible, and measurable changes, helping the territories in accelerating these transitions : changes in housing practices and techniques, changes in mobility and the transport sector, participation in the new low-carbon industrial revolution, conservation of natural resources (especially water), and preservation of forests and oceans as carbon sinks.

Transforming sustainably and positively the territories takes time. We are fully aware of this, and this is the reason why we invest on the long term, in order to optimize the services provided by the our investments.

Our approach

A systematic three-steps analysis process assessing the resilience of our investments.


  • Analysis of the essential nature of the object within a risk/return analysis
  • Analysis of sensitivity to a wide range of macroeconomic risks
  • - Analysis of sensitivity to identified transition risks (e.g., climate change)


  • Modulation of technical, financial, and legal structuring settings, taking into account the risk analyses of the previous step

Asset Management

  • Monitoring of the activity with regard to identified risks

Our CSR approach during each stage of our investment process

  1. Pre-investment

    • Sectoral exclusions: compliance with Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale's sectoral policies relating to the following sectors: Coal, Mining, Hydrocarbons, Civil nuclear energy, Defence and security, Mobility (air, sea, road), Agriculture
    • Alignment of an overwhelming majority of investments with the European taxonomy
  2. Investment

    • Internal assessment via tailor-made questionnaire, based on the Sustainable Development Goals and the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and climate criteria
    • External due diligence
    • Design of a roadmap for the project
  3. Monitoring

    • Dedicated questionnaire and updating of the action plan
    • Extra-financial chapter integrated into annual reporting
  4. Divestment

    • Valuation of extra-financial performances for companies in the portfolio
    • Exit questionnaire

Sustainability-related disclosures